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Words can't say enough - Alex
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Subject: Words can't say enough - Alex
Posted by: Coach K of
Like many others, I too had the great pleasure of coaching Alex and getting to know him and his family well. Words can't say enough what Alex's life and friendship meant to the Kayo family. I tried to recall a single memory or defining moment, but there are just too many. As has been said already, his smile was infectious. No matter what he was engaged in, the moment he noticed you the smile flashed and all seemed good. What I admired most about Alex was his quiet leadership. He wasn't a boistrous leader, but he certainly led by example. I remember my own son Geoff often remarking about the way Alex played and how he wanted to be able to play the same way. Many others felt the same. Whenever we needed a big boost, it was always Alex who responded. He played with great intensity and then walked off the field with a smile and a laugh. I never realized how much Alex touched my life until now. The past couple days have not been easy; however, Alex's smiling face now hangs in my office and it seems to help a lot. My deepest sympathies to Pat, Bruce, Brent, Nigel, and Kevin. We loved Alex! He brought out the best in all of us and his memory will burn within us, brightening our days forever more.

Godspeed Alex, you will be sorely missed.

Gerry Kayo
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