The purpose of the Londonderry Youth Football & Spirit (LYFS) organization is to provide football and competitive cheerleading for youth ages 5-15 in Londonderry and the surrounding area.

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Letting go coaches
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Subject: Letting go coaches
Posted by: Kristin S. of
I have been part of the Londonderry organization for many years now and I can not rack my brain on how these people can get rid of a coach when she has been part of this organization for many years.

These kids look up to Beth DiSessa and to take her team away from her is completely wrong. This is her last year with that team, and this board had to take that away from her? Thats not right.

As a parent I know that I have not recieved any answers as to why you guys took Beth's team away. She has brought a team to regionals six years in a row and to nationals, and actually placed, 2 years in a row.

I want to know why you took her team away from her? I can see you guys running down this organization by getting rid of great coaches. You guys are going to loose a lot of great cheerleaders on top of that too because i know for a fact that some of those girls only came over to this organization because of Beth.

She has done so much for this town and this organization, and the way to pay her back is by taking her team away? Really shows what kind of organization this is.

What are the reasons for taking Beth's team away? There must be a great answer or reason for you guys to do this.

Thank You,

Kristin S.  
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